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The JCS CSR Fund aims to expand development to rural economies and under-served populations in Ghana & other Sub-Saharan African countries (“SSA”) addressing environmental and social issues. The fund will build a balanced portfolio of investments in inclusive impact sectors and address socio-economic problems. The JCS CSR fund is a professionally run investment vehicle, managed by an established, experienced team with demonstrated history investing in Ghana & other Sub-Saharan African regions.

The JCS CSR fund targets investments in inclusive impact sectors focusing on our main thematic areas of Rural development & Financial Inclusion, Positive Gender Lens Investing, Health, Renewable Energy, Technology and Agri Businesses. The fund will also address socio-economic crisis i.e. Covid-19 through fiscal stimulus plans for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) in SSA mainly Ghana. MSME’s account for 92% of the business in Ghana and contribute to about 70% of Gross Domestic Product.

The Agriculture and Extraction & Mining sectors have been the major catalyst for growth in the SSA region over the past century, their operations are however undeniably central to the major environmental and social (E&S) issues affecting land use, biodiversity conservation and nature sustainability. The JCS CSR Fund investigates the key areas of CSR initiatives and policies where exploration, extraction and agriculture industry are expected to make a positive contribution,improvements in environmental performance, development and governance. The JCS CSR Fund presents a twofold opportunity for the impact investing sector; encouraging inclusive and sustainable development while addressing social and environmental problems.

Target Fund Size 30 Million USD
Closing Date Q4 2022
Investment Focus by Stage Start-up, Growth Capital
Geographic Focus Sub-Saharan Africa, with 80% focus on Ghana
Focus Sector Inclusive Impact Investments, Socio-Economic Crisis
Target Donors/Investors Foundations, family-offices, institutional donors, development finance institutions, corporate organizations, High Net Worth Investors
Governance structure Investment committee consisting of key team members and external experts Advisory committee consisting of donor representatives, independent chairperson.
Key manager contacts Patricia Safo | (+233) 24 059 4178 | | patricia@jcs.com.gh Mary Asantewa | (+233) 24 678 3117 | mary@jcs.com.gh
Contact details JCS Investments Limited | Plot No. 9, Martey Tsuru, Spintex Road-Accra| Ghana (+233) 302 817 641 | info@jcs.com.gh | www.jcs.com.gh
Locate us on No.9 Martey Tsuru, Spintext Rd, Accra
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