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We leverage on our expertise in inclusive impact investments across a broad range of sectors to develop an adaptable, analytical approach to growth.
Rural Development Service

Rural Development
& Financial Inclusion

JCS is committed to reducing economic vulnerability and income inequality through the development of a broad financial inclusion sector. We are pleased to support sound business proposals, which offer access to capital to businesses operating in the rural economy. JCS partner with like-minded financial institutions. The aim is to reduce the social and economic gap between rural and urban communities.

One of our goals is to improve access to financial services to unbanked and underserved groups. These include rural communities, women, poor regions and the lower quartile (of income).

Agribusiness Service


JCS  has gained over 20 years experience in promoting agri-businesses. We welcome medium to large-scale investment projects that may also feature innovative technology.  We help investors work with local partners who have competence and experience in the sector.

We also serve as a financing channel to support agribusinesses by focusing investments across the value chain. We are keen to strengthen the position of smallholder farmers.

JCS acts as a partner in new projects. We support the promoters by connecting the supply and demand side of the agribusiness industry. At the same time, we address the food demand-supply deficit in Ghana that leads to unnecessary imports. Our vision is to ensure the production of high quality, locally produced food.

Gender Lens Service

Positive Gender
Lens Investing

The impact that women make on the continent cannot be understated. JCS has a strong focus on investing in women; either directly through specific business ventures or through dedicated funds directed to women-led businesses. To achieve this, we focus on three principles:

  1.  Gender equality in the workplace.
  2.  Access to capital for women.
  3. Products and services that benefit women.
Renewable Energy Service


This is an emerging area of significant importance. We have expertise in the evaluation of projects, and an active interest in the financing of renewable energy initiatives.

Health Service


JCS is committed to working with stakeholders, investors and service providers within the health sector. We share the common goal of ensuring the end user in the ‘last mile’ has access to very good health care. JCS ensure that investment is channeled effectively to achieve high-quality outcomes. We also see opportunities for ‘leverage’ of appropriate technology to make this goal a reality.

JCS supports the core principles of sustainability, including promotion of education and healthcare. These are key elements reviewed in all solutions proposed by JCS.

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