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JCS Investments welcome investors interested in complex and innovative projects that tap into Ghana’s potential. The company support projects aligned to the ‘3P’ Principles of People, Planet & Profit. New ventures must have commercial viability, but also bring social, environmental and economic benefit. We help partners identify the best ways to achieve successful outcomes.

JCS works with partners to ensure projects are delivered effectively. Our aim is to promote impact investments that achieve sustainable, positive returns. JCS has 15 years experience in starting and operationalizing complex projects in Ghana. Contact us to discuss possibilities.

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    Our team’s extensive network and local presence managing impact investments funds in Ghana and other SSA regions gives us the exposure and experience to some of the largest and fastest growing markets in the region. This enables us to provide the best possible guidance to present investors with the right local partners and market analysis to connect capital and communities to create equity and impact for people and the planet.

    We work with institutional and individual investors, sharing our insights in our sectors of expertise as well as the most effective ways to work in the SSA impact investing landscape.

    With your help, we build an inclusive society for the underserved population to gain access to high-quality, affordable basic services and economic potential.

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