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JCS Investments selects key topics of social care with due care important social impact. We work on the principle that engaging key person to bring positive change is one of the ways we can transform our economy and society.

Sometimes it is also best to be silent in the quest to bring about change and not to echo opinions that may inflame. It may not always be prudent to lend a voice to topically issues but we always weigh the issues closely.

Our commitment to advocacy draws from our experience driving sustainability and impact over the years. Highlighted below are some of the advocacies and campaigns JCS has successfully embarked on over the years;


1. Ghana Aquaculture Stakeholders

JCS Investments Limited in collaboration with Ghana Aquaculture Stakeholders (GAS) as part of its FOOD SECURITY INITIATIVE. The objective was to clean up the aquaculture sector and stop some farmers importing illegal spices into Ghana. visit Gas.com.gh


2. Click N' Harvest

Through long-term collaborations with industry stakeholders, JCS has been advocating for a suitable market place for farmers.

JCS Investments is working with technical experts to come out with a digital market place. The project, an eCommerce platform that addresses the eminent gap of chain integration in the agribusiness sector by developing a dedicated chain from production to market for healthy and quality agri produce for the domestic markets; and overall improving the productivity and quality of farmers in Ghana. visit clicknharvest.com

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